Types of Dental Implants & Techniques

No dental patient is the same, so you shouldn’t expect all dental implants to be the same, either. When you are getting an implant, your dentist will take into account all of the factors that make you unique and use them to create a plan for your teeth, restoring your smile.

There is no consensus on the best dental implants vancouver professionals offer, but let’s talk about two of the main types of dental implants you can receive and how they are placed.


Endosteal implants will be placed in the jawbone and are made of a strong material, titanium. They are similar to screws and are the most common implant that patients have installed in their mouths.


Subperiosteal implants are not placed inside the jawbone but above it. They are often used when patients do not have jawbone that is plentiful or healthy enough to have endosteal implants placed.

Techniques for Implants

Sometimes, the implant is not able to be placed because of existing issues. However, your dentist can use several techniques to make placing an implant possible.

Bone Augmentation

Bone augmentation is used to restore bone tissue in the jaw when there isn’t enough to place an implant. Bone growth can is typically stimulated by placing a bone graft.

Sinus Lift

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A sinus lift may be done when the sinus has deteriorated because of missing teeth. The dentist will place bone into the area, lifting the sinus.

Bridge Expansion

If the jaw cannot fit implants, a bridge expansion may be necessary. During this procedure, a bone graft is performed on the ridge at the top of the jaw.

Using all of these techniques and more, dentists can make sure that your dental implants are secure and your smile is healthy and beautiful.